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Salinas & Quebradas Pack

With these tours you can contemplate the oldest traditions of Northwest with its beautiful landscapes that have been declared a World Heritage Site.
Does not include accommodation
The excursion can be made round trip to Salta or overnight in Purmamarca
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Visiting Campo Quijano, Santa Rosa de Tastil, San Antonio de los Cobres, Salinas Grandes, Purmamarca.
It’s a full trip where you can meet and enjoy different sceneries as well as discover the inhabitant lifestyle of our Puna. We’ll leave Salta City by Campo Quijano town to Train to the Clouds railroad track appreciating each of the bridges, viaduct, tunnels and the station that the train crosses. Besides, you’ll enjoy the wonderful Quebrada Del Toro landscapes and the caves where we’ll stop so that you can enjoy the different landscapes they offer. Then we’ll get to Santa Rosa de Tastil where we’ll find a little museum and the famous Tastil’s ruins. On that way we’ll appreciate the Nevado del Acay (Snow caped mountain) and from there we’ll go into the Puna until we’ll get to San Antonio de los Cobres. After visiting it, we’ll go by 40 NR and appreciate the autochthonous fauna like vicunas, llamas, zuris, foxes, condores and others, also you’ll discover how the towns appear out of nowhere. We’ll keep on travelling until we’ll arrive to Salinas Grandes, which is an amazing sea of salt formed a millions years ago; in that stunning place we ll meet salt miners who will tell us about their lives. A coffee shop can be discovered too. From there we’ll go to Purmamarca town, La Cuesta de Lipan where the colorful formation of la Quebrada de Humahuaca can be enjoyed. Once in Purmamarca we’ll walk around the town and there we’ll return to Salta. IT’S AN UNFORGETTABLE TOUR!!!!!!!!!!

We’ll go around the wonderful town of the Quebrada de Humahuaca declared World Heritage Site.
We’ll leave Salta city by 9 NR enjoying the breathtaking sceneries. Along the way we’ll find out new costums, traditions and beliefs. Once we arrive to Purmamarca Village we’ll see the church and the craft market, around the square and a small walk along its narrow streets and the seven colored hill. We’ll continue toward the town of Tilcara where you can visit the archaeological museum to discover our ancestors, then we’ll continue to Pucara de Tilcara (ancient ruins). Our next destination will be Humahuaca where we’ll walk around the town and see its beautiful buildings and the independence monument. At noon we’ll visit Uquia town and an ancient chapel of hundred years, where original paintings of the Cuzco School are kept. From there, we’ll arrive to Tropic of Capricorn then Huacalera and Maimara where the famous Paleta Del Pintor (painter's palette) can be appreciated.

DURATION: This Pack consists of 2 1-day excursions each leaving Salta and returning to Salta every day. You must have 2 full days (no need to be consecutive).
INCLUDED: Transportation, guides and insurance.
NOT INCLUDED: Meals and Drinks, Tickets to museums. Accommodation.
No incluye alojamiento
La excursion puede realizarse ida y vuelta a Salta o bien hacer noche en Purmamarca