Seven days enjoying the places that Salta and Jujuy offer.

Enjoy the beauty of the landscapes offered by the North of Argentina! A 6-day tour where you can enj...

Enjoy different excursions to explore and enjoy the beauty of the Valleys and Quebradas, and discove...
From $ 8.290

Full Pack Tours

This promotional package of excursions includes the most representative visits of the North of Argen...

With these tours you can contemplate the oldest traditions of Northwest with its beautiful landscape...
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Seven full days enjoying the best excursions in the North of Argentina!

Salta & Jujuy & Salinas

Siete días a full recorriendo las mejores excursiones en el Norte Argentino!!
Return to the North Full

Salida desde Tucumán 8 Días inolvidables visitando Salta, Jujuy, Tucumán los destinos más hermosos q...